The Highlands was built in 2017. It is a 17 unit, 78 bed student housing purpose built project which serves the student population of Florida State University (FSU), as well as Tallahassee Community College and Florida A&M University (FAMU). The property is one mile from FSU, which is approximately a 4 minute drive and has a FSU bus stop in-front of the main entrance.

The property consists of 17 cottages as well as a Leasing Office containing a computer lab and fitness center, as well as a swimming pool. The property is situated on 2.2 acres and includes 84 parking spaces. It currently offers 2 residential floor plans, consisting of 7 units of 4 bedrooms / 4.5 baths and 10 units of a 5 bedrooms /5.5 baths, all of which are rented on a per bed basis. 

The property is immediately adjacent to (The Meridian formerly 1111 on High), which was acquired via New Market Strategies in March of 2017.   The properties would allow for some built in operational and leasing efficiencies and  should enhance the returns for both properties.

Location:  Tallahassee, FL

Address:  1824 Greentree Ln. Tallahassee, FL 32304

Property Type:  Student Housing 

Details:  17 unit, 78 bed student housing project which serves the student population of FSU, FAMU and TCC. It is a 4 minute drive from FSU and has a FSU bus stop

The Highlands