​​​​​​City View is a 16 unit, 67 bed student housing property built in 2008. This property serves the student population of the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens. The property is one mile from UGA, as well as the Athens restaurant and night life area, approximately a 4 minute drive. City View consists of 16 units with 15 of those being individual units. 10 of the units are four bedroom and four bathrooms, 5 are three bedroom and three bathroom, and 1 unit is duplex style. This consists of 2 separate five bedroom ad five bathroom units. The property is situated on 2.75 acres and includes 65 parking spaces. The property also has a large grilling and fire pit area, as is common for most of this class properties in the market.

Location:   Athens, Georgia 

Address:    1030 Martin Luther King Pkwy, GA, 30601  

Property Type:  Student Housing

Details:  This property is currently managed by CollegeTown Properties which is based in Athens. City View has 17 units & 65 beds with individual leases and rates on a per bed basis.